Joël Reyes

Founder and CEO

With an insatiable passion for innovation, Joel brings 8 years of serial entrepreneurship experience and over 15 years in strategic c-level business management. His range of experience comes from working at companies such as Bloomberg, FXCM, STOKKE, and APPCARD developing local as well as international markets.

Nicole Siobal - Chief Marketing Manager at HueCore

Nicole Siobal

Chief Marketing Officer

Previous to being a serial entrepreneur, Nicole held various positions as a public relations, marketing, and social media strategy specialist for global Award-winning agencies like Weber Shandwick and New Media Strategies. Nicole brings valuable experience in brand management, strategic brand positioning, experience earned at Fortune 500 companies and government clients such as M.A.C Cosmetics, U.S. Army, CVS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pepsi, MasterCard, FedEx, NBC Universal, Telemundo, Sony, Chrysler, NFLPA and others managing $1- 4+ Million client accounts.

Luis Rivera

Chief Technology Officer

Luis leads all hardware and software development efforts. With ample experience in embedded firmware, software development, and artificial intelligence as a Sr. Engineer at Crestron Electronics, Luis keeps the team on their toes and on schedule.

Harvey Féliz

Enterprise Services

Harvey’s main priorities are to develop and maintain our enterprise services and products. As a former Sr. Engineer in the aerospace industry, Harvey supervised, developed, and maintained key IT Communication networks for the Dominican Republic’s military and civilian airports.

Jayme Illien

Sales and Market Strategy Advisor

Jayme is a digital, new economy, and FinTech pioneer known for launching, investing in, and leading growth of, new concepts, companies, technologies, from a start-up into multi-trillion dollar global operations. He has led multiple startups including the first internet-based currency exchange FXCM which connected.  Jayme also served as CEO of Swissquote Bank as well as founder and Global Head of dbFX, an online trading service of Deutsche Bank.

Sebastean Leoni

Revenue and InsurTech Advisor

Sebastean comes with 20 years of experience launching startups and scaling companies in the financial services industry. Sebastean focuses on revenue generation strategies and enhancing InsurTech SaaS sales processes.

Katina Kenyon

Marketing and Brand Advisor

Katina brings 15 years of global leadership for Dell Technologies where she was responsible for an annual revenue quota of $2B+. Katina has proven expertise in building out multi-channel sales organizations, all things marketing from brand, marcom, digital, lead gen & lead management with a commitment to customer experience. Her efforts provide sales enablement and producing a playbook for sales and marketing.

Heriberto Saldivar - HueCore Team

Heriberto  Saldivar, PhD

Engineering and Dev. Advisor

Heriberto is a rocket scientist, a mechatronics engineer, and Head of Brinc’s Robotics ( Under his tutelage, we have been able to quickly overcome all development challenges to confidently march on towards manufacturing with a solid product development strategy. Heriberto also provides partnership’s development and capital raising support.

Investors and Partners