How does it protect me?

Our priority is to prevent damages to your vehicle. When that is not possible, we protect you by documenting all the necessary evidence about the accident to help you hold the driver responsible for damages accountable. With a smooth in-app filing system, the SmartFrames make it easy for you to file insurance claims straight from the HueCore App.

How do you protect early adopters?

Your SmartFrames have been designed to be remotely updated to ensure that you always take advantage of our latest software updates. You will be notified through your HueCore app when updates are available. Follow the instructions on your app to complete the upgrades.

Does it need to be professionally installed?

Your SmartFrames can be installed at home within 15 minutes without wires or special tools. A step-by-step setup tutorial within the mobile application will guide you through everything you need to know. Our support team will be available to help should you encounter any difficulties.

How is it different from a Dashboard Cameras?

Unlike conventional dash cameras, the SmartFrames focus on empowering you with more tangible evidence beyond video footage. With every accident report, you are provided with more relevant information like impact force which allows you and your insurance company to determine the level of damages from an accident better.

What’s your guaranty?

As a token of appreciation to early adopters, we extend your warranty to 36 months. Your warranty protects you from any theft and technical issues that you might experience.

How is it protected from theft?

A great deal of engineering and innovation have gone into protecting your SmartFrames from theft. Proprietary technology ensures that your SmartFrames can only be authorized for removal. Sophisticated software protection and physical locking technology secure your SmartFrames.

How many come in one order?

Two SmartFrames are included with your order. They can be equally installed front or rear. Their location is conveniently defined within the setup process on your HueCore mobile app.


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